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Our Mission

At INEOS, we relentlessly optimise every aspect of our products through science, to deliver next-generation performance. We believe that when you make a 1% improvement in a host of tiny areas, the cumulative benefits are extraordinary. Helping you perform at your best.

Backed by science

At INEOS, Science is at the heart of everything we do; through relentless optimisation, we deliver next generation performance in every product.

Powered by plants

Made with plant-based cleansers, our products get the job done without using animal enzymes which are known to irritate skin and damage clothes.


All our handwash products suitable for skin include moisturising elements, shown to actively improve the condition of your skin.


We relentlessly optimise every detail of everything we do to deliver next generation performance. 

From giving you a cleaner home, to protecting your health, to boosting your mood; our products are scientifically designed to help you perform at your best.

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Our Products

100% free to stream content series

The INEOS Go Humans Academy has been designed to allow you to go all in - and live your best life.

Designed to help you make small, incremental changes, these short sessions follow Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, from basic physiological and mental health requirements, emotional wellbeing and belonging, all the way to creativity and self-expressions.

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Years of scientific product development here at INEOS have resulted in us having a fleet of in-house hygiene experts. Add a plethora of brilliant product engineers, and we now deliver the right formula to bring the benefits of performance science to anyone, every day.

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Our Products

We use science to create products that beat the market leaders, making life better for the people that use them. Forget the stereotype of the quiet, shy type, happy to hide in the background. Forget lab coats and glasses and awkwardness.

Yes, INEOS is built on science, but we’re bursting with passion, energy and enthusiasm for what can be achieved.

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Our high-level liquids with antibacterial properties are designed to empower and protect, so you can handle anything. Don’t just take our word for it - we are the official hygiene partner of some of the world’s greatest sporting teams and athletes.

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