INEOS Sport Equipment Sanitiser Spray 50ml

For Hands

INEOS Sport Hand Sanitiser Spray is made with your personal best in mind. Developed by INEOS Hygienics as the first of its kind, the specialist fast drying, non-slip formula leaves hands and equipment protected and ready for action.

With a detachable carabiner, this portable hand sanitiser spray is designed to clip on to a bag or belt, for easy application before and after exercise.

With 75% pharma-grade alcohol, this spray offers 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria. Unlike slippery hand gels, this fast-drying mist spray requires no towels - so hands are ready for action, wherever you go.

Co-developed by athletes, for athletes - keep your streak with INEOS Sport.

  • Fast Drying
  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria + Viruses*
  • 75% Pharma Grade Alcohol

Product Description

Hospital-grade alcohol-based hand disinfectant spray with portable clip. 


For personal use before, during and after exercise to prevent the spread of germs. Fast-drying formula means you can use on-the-go, without needing to rinse.

Application Notes

Spray over dry hands, covering fingertips, palms and the backs of your hands. Allow to dry completely for a minimum of 30 seconds without wiping or rinsing.

Important: Our effective and efficient INEOS Sport hand sanitiser does not require the use of towels or tissues, which if used, may lead to recontamination.