Every INEOS range is developed using our performance science expertise, the intention being to enhance everyday behaviours and routines. ​

About INEOS Hygienics

At INEOS, we make the products that society needs. So, when the 2020 coronavirus pandemic led to a global shortage of hand sanitiser, we set about manufacturing and distributing the large volumes needed to meet the shortfall. 

Thanks to a rock-solid infrastructure and decades of know-how, it took us just 10 days to open six factories across Europe. After three months, we were producing one million bottles of sanitiser throughout the UK, Germany, France and the US to support the global demand.

Our first course of action was to supply the UK’s NHS and other European health services without profit during the global crisis. We tried to do our bit while we all navigated through exceptional circumstances. 

After demand was met by fundamental institutions, we created INEOS Hygienics: our first ready-to-purchase line available for all, from a range of retailers.

Since then we have been committed to relentlessly optimising every element of our products through science to deliver next generation performance,  innovating on the key drivers of each category, focusing on the aspects that make the biggest impact on performance.


"Cleaned well and left a very fresh feel, made dog hairs rinse away easily and left taps and stainless steel shiny with no watermarks. Everywhere had the 'just cleaned smell'." Multi-Room Spray

"Perfect clean washing smell. Family members asked what detergent it was as they could smell it."

"I did the entire rugby team's kit. I'm a hero with the lads as it all came out really clean and removed all the horrible sweaty smells." Laundry Liquid

"The wipes are strong. One wipe will clean a lot of surfaces and they smell natural." Multi-Room Wipes


INEOS is dedicated to the collective goal of getting to Net Zero by 2050. It drives our businesses; it is the foundation of all our decisions, and it underpins our innovation.

We don’t want to wait for a solution, we want to help create it. We know the answer lies in moving towards it together - with our employees, partners, customers and the communities we operate in. Our future is in our hands.

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Everything at INEOS is rooted in years of scientific experience, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to hygiene. Our sanitisers are formulated to contain high-purity 75% pharma-grade ethanol and are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions. This means it meets the specialist requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries as advised by the World Health Organisation. 

Alcohol-based disinfectant is regarded as the most simple and effective way of removing 99.9% of both viruses and bacteria, as neither builds up resistance with repeated use. This is why it is used as standard practice in clinical environments.

The expert scientific brains here at INEOS have gone further than sanitisation. The fragrance technology in our new hand wash range is shown to improve all-round well-being. We created touchless dispensers to bring industrial-level safety and engineering excellence to your home. We perfected moisturising formulas that work alongside high-performance hygiene products to keep your skin strong.

We are constantly evolving. And this is just the beginning.


Here at INEOS we relentlessly optimise every aspect of our products through science, to deliver next generation performance. We want our products to give you the foundation to build a more active, more rewarding life. This is why we enlisted our exceptional scientific brains to team up with top athletes and sporting teams to bring performance science to everyone, every day.

Combining science-led technology with the products that you use every day, we aim to help you live better, longer. We believe that when you make a 1% improvement in a host of tiny areas, the cumulative benefits are extraordinary.  Our products deliver next generation performance, making light work of the toughest cleaning jobs in every single room of your home, removing the toughest stains from your laundry and protecting your hands from 99.9% of Bacteria while still being kind to your skin. Allowing you to get on with living life.