Hi Everyone, Harry Jameson here.

As a Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Expert, I work to give people the tools to transform their physical and mental health. 

Together with the 1851 Trust and INEOS, as part of their ‘Go Humans Academy’, I’m going to challenge you to test both your mind and body.

Let’s take a look at my training philosophy. 

When it comes to personal training, I look at the mind as much as the body.

Sport is one area where humans really push themselves to the absolute limit.

Any top athlete at the height of their profession has used sports psychology and science to achieve their goals.

And I use the same principles to get the best results with my clients. 

Mental resilience, which is about the ability of adapting to change and uncertainty, is as important, if not more important, than physical resilience - which refers to our body’s ability to adapt to challenges and recover quickly. 

Steady state cardio, also referred to as ‘zone two cardio’ has many benefits. It’s the best way to train to manage stress and develop a strong aerobic base….

Remember, faster isn't always better! 

A great technique to use to ensure you’re in the right zone (and not working too hard) is to try and sing a song…. 

Now I want you to give this a go!