Hi everyone, I'm Jordan Stevens and together with the INEOS Go Humans Academy I want to share with you my personal experience in how helping others has become an integral part of establishing a positive sense of self.

The Go Humans Academy is committed to equipping you with the tools necessary for building your emotional health and unlocking your everyday performance.

Now throughout my life, I found that purpose acts a bit like a compass, guiding us through life's challenges.

Back in 2016, I co-founded the I Am Whole campaign with two clear goals, to create a world where young people can openly discuss mental health and seek help without fear of stigma.

And to provide access to better and free mental health services. 

We partnered with NHS and enlisted friends in the industry including Zoe Sugg, Arlo Parks, Ed Sheeran, there were loads, and today our message has reached over 120 million people around the world. 

Our first aim is to underline the importance of disconnecting from social media because as we know, it triggers social anxiety, overthinking, comparison, FOMO, it just warps our own sense of identity and values.

Secondly, we set out the challenge to integrate something to support your mental wellbeing for one hour per day, whether that's just getting outside into the fresh air, making time for yourself, reading, or giving time to help others.

An hour might feel like a lot of time, but head to the settings on your phone and check your average screen time, I bet that number scares you.

So, could you give up some time to do something for yourself?

The truth is, in a society where self-worth is often measured by material possessions, finding true purpose in our identity and ourselves can be a challenge.

Wearing a designer t-shirt doesn't make anyone better than the next person, it certainly doesn't make them more free.

In fact, freedom might just be the absence of one. Trust me, there's a difference between cost and value. Material kicks are temporary, they're fleeting.

The emotional world does not care about your net worth, can't spend away grief and money certainly doesn't mature you, I've learnt that the hard way.

Alongside that, I often hid my own depression and feeling of being lost behind substances and other chaos I've created in my life.

In the UK, we've got a very damaging stiff upper lip mentality, and while it's important to be emotionally resilient, that resilience is created by allowing ourselves to experience how we feel and by sharing real stories and being as honest in our communication with others as possible.

Whenever I've lied, it's been exhausting.

Simple conversations help people feel seen and validated.

The strongest bonds form when we've been brave enough to tell our truth, even when we felt like we're at our lowest, and you might be surprised at how your honesty can positively impact those around you.

We all need a tribe, a small group of people who we can trust with our true selves.

So here's some final thoughts to take away from this session.

  1. Embrace Vulnerability. Sharing your experiences and emotions can be powerful, it not only validates you, but it can help other people around you understand themselves, and for less alone.
  2. Practice Digital Detox. Regularly taking time off from social media can significantly reduce anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Check that screen time and put that time's better use.
  3. Value Reciprocal Relationships. The strongest bonds are those that are shared, aim to have relationships where both parties are heard and recognised.

Most importantly, remember to seek professional help if you need it.

If you're struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional.

They can provide immediate support to help you navigate your feelings and develop a stronger sense of self.

And, don't forget to continue our sessions in the link below, or join the conversation using #GoHumansAcademy and head to ineoshygienics.com for more information and mental health resources.