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Phase 2

Focusing on Belonging, Identity and Self-Esteem.


This time, dive into deeper themes like ‘The Challenge with Identity’ presented by multi-talented musician, actor, author and mental health campaigner, Jordan Stephens.

Upgrade your emotional intelligence with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Michaela, understand the concept of 'Belonging’ with the INEOS Britannia Crew, and gain fresh perspectives on 'Self-Esteem' with the world champion Black Ferns Rugby team.

The Challenge with Identity - Jordan Stephens

No matter how successful we are - or might seem - we all face internal battles. Learn to know who you are and what you stand for and build a solid foundation for life.

A lot of the time, our problems stem from not really knowing who we really are.

Jordan Stephens, multi-talented musician, author and mental health campaigner, talks about his personal struggles with identity crisis, and how he learned to build a stronger sense of self.

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The Challenge with Self-Esteem - Dr Michaela Dunbar

Fear of failure is the greatest barrier to success. Learn how to build resilience and navigate life’s challenges, seizing new opportunities on the way.

Clinical Psychologist and founder of My Easy Therapy, Dr Michaela Litchmore-Dunbar, explores the power of team dynamics and resilience with world champion rugby team, the New Zealand Black Ferns.

As part of the INEOS GO Humans Academy phase two, Dr Michaela discusses how teamwork builds resilience and self-esteem through self-acceptance and validation. Listen and learn from the Black Ferns as they discuss the pivotal career highs and lows that continue to shape their path to victory.

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The Challenge with Belonging - INEOS Britannia Sailing Team

Trust is essential to effective teamwork, and can be built through experiences that encourage us to rely on the people around us.

Clinical Psychologist and founder of My Easy Therapy, Dr Michaela Litchmore-Dunbar, discusses the importance of trust in the unknown with the help of the elite INEOS Britannia Sailing Team.

Connection, communication and community support are powerful elements that lay the foundation of any successful team. Dr Michaela looks at the rewards we can reap from putting our trust in the unknown.

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Phase 1

Focusing on Mental and Physical Fitness. LIVE NOW!

Starring elite INEOS athletes, the New Zealand All Blacks XV, and supported by world-class industry experts Kimberley Wilson, Harry Jameson and GRNDHOUSE.