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Phase 1

Focusing on Mental and Physical Fitness. LIVE NOW!

Starring elite INEOS athletes, the New Zealand All Blacks XV, and supported by world-class industry experts Kimberley Wilson, Harry Jameson and GRNDHOUSE.

INEOS Go Humans Academy

The Power of Mental and Physical Fitness - All Blacks XV x GRNDHOUSE

Get introduced to the concept of ‘mental fitness’ with the New Zealand All Blacks XV rugby team and expert trainers at GRNDHOUSE.

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INEOS Go Humans Academy

The Power of Wellbeing - Harry Jameson

Understand the foundations of meaningful wellbeing, through practical advice and daily exercises.

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INEOS Go Humans Academy

The Power of Self Care - Kimberley Wilson

Learn what we get wrong about self-care and how to future proof yourself through self-parenting.

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Phase 2

Focusing on Belonging, Identity and Self-Esteem.


This time, dive into deeper themes like ‘The Challenge with Identity’ presented by multi-talented musician, actor, author and mental health campaigner, Jordan Stephens.

Upgrade your emotional intelligence with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Michaela, understand the concept of 'Belonging’ with the INEOS Britannia Crew, and gain fresh perspectives on 'Self-Esteem' with the world champion Black Ferns Rugby team.