Hi Everyone,

I’m Harry Jameson, Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Expert.

Together with The 1851 Trust and the INEOS Go Humans Academy, I want to talk to you about the POWER OF NETWORKS.

Both our formal and informal networks can provide us with support and inspiration. 

This is important in creating a safe environment to explore physical and mental health challenges and encourage us to sustain healthy behaviour change.

I’ve found that seeking out the right mentors, a person or group who can support and offer advice, has really helped me to get where I am today. 

It’s about taking inspiration from others to motivate you to be all you can in life.

  • ‘Your network is your net worth’
  • Strong and positive role models are key, as is having an outlet for your emotions(positive and negative)
  • Share the wins and talk about the challenges

Now, let’s have a go at mapping out a list of networks that you might find useful - or which could act as a signpost for your peers.

Think about who you might be able to mentor as well.

The right outlet and the right support can be a huge bonus for our mental health, which is why it’s so beneficial to work on developing your networks.