Hi Everyone,

I’m Kimberley Wilson - a Psychologist and Brain Health Expert. 

I’ve been setting a month of challenges as part of the INEOS Go Humans Academy, which is a year-round effort to support people in living better, longer.

To live well, we already know we need to take care of our physical and mental health.

But what about our emotional health? The most important factor for our emotional wellbeing is having good relationships and people we can rely on. 

Sometimes we get distracted or behave in ways that weaken our relationships. 

But there are some simple actions that can really help to get them back on track. 

Number One

Send someone a thank you message.

Think back over the last couple of days or weeks. Make a list of all the times someone was kind to you or helped you.

Write them a thank you note - and send it. 

Number Two


Without much searching, I think most of us will be able to identify someone to whom we owe an apology. 

If you find it difficult to apologise, it’s valuable to think about why this is.

An inability to take responsibility for your own behaviour is likely to be having a negative impact on your relationships.

By apologising, you’ll feel a lot lighter, and you’ll be surprised with the positive impact on your emotional wellbeing. Now that’s self-care.