Youtube: INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser Design Details

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a photo of a ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser on a bookshelf

Youtube creator Sam does Design, discusses his thoughts on the INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser from an Industrial Designer's point of view, to his audience of 34.2k subscribers. 

Communal hygiene is becoming more fundamental as time goes on, as we are all more conscious of the spaces we share and our presence within them… by using hand sanitiser in supermarkets and on public transport, we as individuals share clear messages that we are looking out for others.” 

More so when inviting guests into our homes, Sam informs his audience that the INEOS sanitiser dispenser is a way of protecting ourselves and our guests without having to “awkwardly usher everyone into our bathrooms to wash their hands as soon as they arrive”. The “sleek, minimal and stylish” touchless dispenser can be used as a stand-alone or wall-mounted device that, “fosters safety.”

Sam also details that the dispenser can, “accurately and safely deliver custom doses between 0.5ml and 2ml” and also compliments the device on how easy it is to swap out the 300ml cartridge for a new pack. 

Watch the complete video review on Youtube: Sam Does Design

About Sam Does Design:

Sam is an industrial designer who uses Youtube to break down his design process in videos which also include tutorials, walk-throughs, and how-tos. Sam also shares his thoughts on the wider world of design and gives tips for people breaking into the industry.