Evening Standard: INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser Will Simplify Home Hand Sanitising

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a photo of a large and a small ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser

While commercial properties have hosted dispensers in and around their space, the Evening Standard details “there hasn’t been anything attractive enough to keep in our homes” until the INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser Dispenser came on the market. 

Following the concept of putting “a stylish twist on your home hygiene practices”, the article mentions that the hands-free “meticulously designed” Sanitiser Dispenser ensures your at-home hygiene practice will tie in seamlessly with your décor allowing you to place it anywhere in your home.

The feature also mentions how you, “can have the product on a table, affixed to a wall or freestanding” and even “take the stress out of hosting by introducing one of these devices into your hallway to give you peace of mind”, all while enabling you and your loved ones to sanitise with 75 per cent pharmaceutical grade alcohol (killing 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacterial).

The Evening Standard compares the product to the internationally renowned brand Dyson by commenting, “It really is very simple to use and lives up to the likes of Dyson transforming once tedious purchases into something exciting, high-tech and luxe.” 

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