Tech Spy: The 14 Home Office Accessories You Need Right Now

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a photo of a black ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser

"If you are planning to upgrade your “work-from-home” space, you will be delighted to discover the most popular gadgets and accessories for your home office right now!” Tech Spy Magazine

One of the gadgets mentioned in the article is the “beautifully designed” INEOS Sanitiser Touchless Dispenser that is “durable” and avoids product waste, ensuring you get the most out of your product each time you use it. Built to keep your space free from germs by killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses when used.

Proven to be multi-purpose for home and office use since it is, “easy to use for guests or coworkers, so you can make sure hygiene and safety are always top priority in your home office.”

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