Forbes: INEOS Turns To Lewis Hamilton To Drive Sales In Growing Hygienics Arm

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a photo of a ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser on a bookshelf

Senior Contributor, Lela London from Forbes speaks to INEOS Hygenics’s Chief Operating Officer, George Ratcliffe and brand ambassador, Lewis Hamilton.

“We've taken the exact same products we're giving to hospitals and offered it to consumers.” A statement from Ratcliffe mentioned in the article. Trusted by doctors and hospitals, the touchless system dispenses pharmaceutical grade sanitiser that is formulated with 75% alcohol and is 99.9% effective in killing viruses. 

“When I walk into my house, I have three sanitiser stations—one at the door, one in the hallway and one in the kitchen,” says Hamilton. “Cleanliness is really important to me. I will sanitise my hands before I eat, if I'm touching anything in my kitchen or making a tea, and after I've been on my laptop.”

Forbes comments on how INEOS Hygienics has seen steady growth in sales of the smaller unit, thanks to outlets like Harrods and Amazon, but the best selling product at the moment is the larger unit suitable for commercial use. 

Continue reading about the exclusive interview with George Ratcliffe and Lewis Hamilton on the Forbes website.

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