Ideal Home: smart gadgets that promise to de-germ your house

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a photo of someone using a wall mounted ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser

With the world opening again, Ideal Home has rounded up an exclusive and intriguing list of the top four smart gadgets you need to maintain a clean and healthy environment, ensuring “a little more peace of mind as we prepare to welcome friends and family back into our homes”, mentions Caroline Preece, E-Commerce Editor, Ideal Home

Featured as the only anti-bacterial hand sanitiser on the list, Ideal Home has defined the automatic dispenser as a convenient device to have in front of shops, restaurants, and now your home! 

Preece adds, “The INEOS Hygienics Touchless Hand Sanitiser is the perfect little gadget for your hallway, allowing yourself and any other visitors to easily sanitize their hands” before entering your home. 

About Ideal Home

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