Absolute Gadget: An INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser review

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a photo of a ineos hygienics hand sanitiser dispenser on a bookshelf

The importance of raising the standards of cleanliness and public hygiene has increased in light of the recent pandemic, "using hand sanitiser is now a daily ritual for millions of people". Rene Millman, Editor, Absolute Gadget

Therefore, AG has chosen the INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser as one of the essential solutions if you want to instil confidence in safeguarding friends, family, and visitors to your home.

AG states that the dispenser is easy to assemble, install and move. They also compliment its ease of accessibility and placement throughout any room and scenario in the home environment, "conveniently placed in the entrance hall, the INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser can help protect all who enter or who handle deliveries, with safe, clean hands. In the kitchen, around meal prep, next to the baby changer, or in the guest W.C." 

The dispensers are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and feature lights that indicate whenever there is low battery life and cartridge levels, "for guaranteed, smooth and spill-free change-over."

AG accredited our dispenser with an solid 4.3 stars overall on the design, performance and value for money

Head to the AG: INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser review to read the topic in more detail.  


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