Hand hygiene stations in hospitality venues boosts visitor confidence

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an aerial shot of a busy restaurant

For many, this summer could be the first time they’ve left the UK to travel for two and a half years.

Going abroad is an exciting prospect, but nobody wants to run the risk of catching COVID or getting ill just before a well-earned holiday. Nor do they want to lock themselves away in isolation as a precaution.

Here in the UK, alfresco dining is always a popular choice when heading out and about in the summer. With the extremely high temperatures we have just experienced, venues with air conditioning will certainly tempt customers back inside. 

Would-be travellers, tourists and general visitors who plan to head out to socialise appreciate visible smart hand hygiene solutions in hospitality venues. 

According to a new survey by INEOS Hygienics, 84% of respondents expect quality hand sanitiser to be in the venues they visit to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

While 51% agreed that venues with readily available hand sanitiser helped them feel safer, and 77% preferred to use touch-free dispensers in communal spaces. 

The sleek and discreet INEOS Pro Dispenser is the ideal hand hygiene solution for your premises. 

Combining British design with Swiss engineering, the Dispenser uses touch-free technology to deliver just the right dose of hand sanitiser.

Made with 75% ethanol, INEOS’ high quality, hospital grade hand sanitiser effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

The INEOS Pro Dispenser is also easy to maintain with a long-life lithium battery, a stowed refill cartridge and lights to indicate low levels. 

Give your customers peace of mind this summer with INEOS’ Hygienics Touchless Pro Dispenser. 

Use sanitisers safely. Always read the label and product information before use.