Early signs say the UK might be in for a bad flu season

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After virtually disappearing during the lockdowns, our old foe, the flu, is poised for a comeback. In fact, Australia has just reported its worst flu season in years - and it arrived two months earlier than usual. 

The surge began in April – with cases spiking at 10 times higher than the five year average. And now, experts are warning that the same could happen in the UK with a wave beginning as early as September. 

Hospitality venues could face challenges with potential visitors deterred by the risk of catching bugs and virsuses.  

In a recent survey of 2,027 Britons by INEOS Hygienics, over half of respondents are concerned about catching flu, covid and colds in bars, pubs and restaurants this autumn and winter. 

As a result, up to 50% of Britons said they plan to reduce how often they visit hospitality venues during these seasons. 

The good news? Flu is less infectious than covid, plus there is an annual vaccination roll out. Not to mention measures that can be taken to help prevent the spread of both flu and coronavirus - like wearing a mask, and hand washing and sanitising. 

Offering a clean, safe environment will benefit staff and can boost customer confidence, encouraging more patrons to visit. With the study showing that 51% of Britons say they would feel safer and more comfortable in a venue that has readily available hand sanitiser units.

In fact, 84% say they expect a venue to have high quality hand sanitiser, while 77% prefer touch free delivery.

So, prep your venue for cough and cold season now and give your guests peace of mind with clean, protected hands. 

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Use sanitisers safely. Always read the label and product information before use

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