INEOS Hygienics reveal Formula 1 seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, as face of ‘High-Performance Hygiene’ campaign

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a photo of lewis hamilton sat on top of a formula one car
  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team driver Lewis Hamilton has been unveiled as the face of INEOS Hygienics’ ‘High-Performance Hygiene’ campaign
  • As one of the leading producers of hospital grade hand sanitiser, INEOS Hygienics delivers fast-track confidence to help racing legend Lewis Hamilton, and teammate Valtteri Bottas, battle it out on the circuit

Global healthcare provider, INEOS Hygienics, has unveiled Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team driver Lewis Hamilton, as the face of their ‘High-Performance Hygiene’ campaign.

Creating precision solutions for the home and elite sports teams, INEOS Hygienics is a trusted name in high-performance hygiene. As Partner of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team, the company delivers fast-track confidence to help racing legend Lewis Hamilton, and teammate Valtteri Bottas, battle it out on the circuit.

“The past year has taught us all the importance of hygiene”, said George Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer of INEOS Hygienics.

“As we adapt and evolve in a post-pandemic world, hygiene and sanitisation is vital in protecting ourselves and those around us”.

“With our daily routines changing for the long term, hand sanitiser continues to play an important role in keeping our hands 99.9% free from viruses and bacteria.”

Steeped in manufacturing excellence, the global healthcare provider is one of the leading producers of hospital grade hand sanitiser.

Using high-purity synthetic ethanol, INEOS Hygienics passes rigorous safety standards with 75% pharmaceutical grade alcohol that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, said: I've always been fastidious when it comes to cleanliness - and hand sanitiser is great in helping to keep us more hygienic.

“INEOS are at the forefront of innovation and technology and allow us to keep our hands clean with products that fight the bacteria we pick up in our everyday lives.

“There's never been a more important time for us to be hygienic, and sanitising my hands is now a part of my daily life.

“In our sport, I cannot afford to miss a race. If I miss a race, I can never get that race back. So thankfully, INEOS are developing these products that are now part of how we keep ourselves and others around us safe.”

INEOS Hygienics puts personal hygiene in pole position with a touchless sanitisation dispenser for the home. Like the speed in which a Formula 1 team completes a pitstop, the precision engineered device delivers hospital grade hand sanitiser that puts family hygiene into high gear within seconds.

Commenting on the partnership, George Ratcliffe said: “Helping prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria is essential to keep Lewis and the whole Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team racing.”

“If he or Valtteri miss out on a race, they miss out on championship points, which is why good hand hygiene and using hand sanitiser on and off track is so important. They’re helping educate all consumers on how to approach their hygiene.”

In a champion combination of British design and Swiss engineering, the INEOS Hygienics Dispenser offers high functionality with a streamlined aesthetic in line with cutting-edge home appliance technology.

“The touchless dispenser is just one of the many ways in which INEOS Hygienics is leading the way in sanitisation and hygiene”, added George Ratcliffe.

“By positioning it in a hallway or lobby, the device is a fuss-free reminder to visitors and family to keep hands clean, and to help keep the home protected against viruses and bacteria from the outside world.

“We are rapidly developing a range of unique products, all containing the company’s signature hospital grade sanitiser.”

To help target viruses with confidence in the home, the INEOS Sanitiser dispenser is available at Amazon.